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Weekends are for Owambe In Parkview Astoria hotels



Owambe is a lavish and flamboyant party thrown by Nigerians which is usually characterized by a show of luxury, lavish spending, colour, extravaganza, paparazzi, lots of food, music, dance and networking. The origin is in Western Nigeria, particularly the Yoruba culture.

Lagos parties can be such a buzz as they bring a lot of people together and this attracts a lot of drama. You get to see a lot of things you would want to reminisce about and tell your grandchildren in the future. There are a few things that Lagos Owambe guests do that would keep you rolling on the ground out of laughter.

Unexpected ‘Mogbo Mobranch’ guests

These are party crashers. Except you have the strictly by invitation rule and some bouncers at your event, expect to see people you have never met in your life at your party as this is like a highlight in Lagos parties. People always complain about how they prepare food for a particular number of guests and end up with complains about food not being enough. Don’t look too far, there are probably some uninvited guests at your event.

Fighting for food

This is a constant battle in Lagos parties and you’d hear mothers whispering to the ears of their kids “Don’t be dull oooh. Make sure you take two plates of rice. The party is for us oooh“. You’d be amazed at how some prim and proper women are not that proper when it comes to food. They will still come back after the party has ended to see if they can get some ‘Take-away‘ package. However, this practice is soon becoming obsolete as some Lagosians no longer want to lose face for party Jollof rice.

Overdressing to a party

In Lagos, everyone is on the wave to look very good at any event they attend. However, some people take this to the extreme. There are people who actually come to other people’s parties to stand out. Some do this by not following the dress code and picking their own material for the event. Some others just have a lot of accessories on that you would think they were the assistant celebrant. The plan is to come and kill it at the party.

Do you have an upcoming owambe to attend in Lagos? Read this to know how to survive Lagos traffic.

Those that came for the dance floor

These guys come to your party not for food (many come to congratulate you) but for DANCE. A lot of people actually use those Owambe parties organized as their getaway from work and the typical Lagos stress especially when the song “Dance away your sorrow” comes up. Parties for them are like pouring ice cubes into a glass of Coke- very refreshing.

Hyping (Hype Kings and Queens)

These are some people, mostly the celebrant or host’s friends that would hype you beyond your abilities. They are always shouting and putting their phone in your face to capture all the moments. There’s no way these ones are around and there would be any dull moment. They are there to put and maintain the smiles on the hosts and other people’s faces.

Enjoy your Lagos owambe and do not get caught up in these places at night.

Single and Searching individuals doing a partners’ hunt

A lot of times, you’d meet some people at events and ask them “So, why did you come here all the way from Ibadan.” They’d probably smirk and reply with “You don’t know where God would answer your prayers“. There are a lot of people who go to parties with other motives other than celebrating with the host. At the reception of a wedding, you would see some of them getting phone numbers of someone they saw on the dance floor or that they talked to by chance.

If you are planning an event to be held in Lagos at any time, expect things like these from your guests. And if you would be attending an Owambe anytime soon, are you going to be that guest that keeps the host smiling or laughing after the event?

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