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Explore Lagos: The Center Of Excellence



Lagos (also called the centre of excellence) is the most prominent and most populated state in Nigeria. The state is popularly dominated by the Yoruba ethnic group as it is situated in the SouthWestern part of Nigeria. It has exponentially experienced population growth over the years due to the influx of people from all parts of the country. The city covers a wide area of about 1,171.28 square kilometres and has an estimated population of over 22 million people.

Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria, is often referred to as the commercial hub of Africa. It is the home to the largest and busiest port in Africa. The tourism sector of Lagos State is also an aspect that can not be ignored due to the huge number of people coming in from various parts of the world to experience the fascinating tourist attractions in Lagos.

Lagos can be said to be the centre of everything. This justifies the popular saying that “what can not be found in Lagos, can not be found anywhere”. 

Lagos State can be categorized into two: Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland. Lagos Island most time is ascribed with the corporate lifestyle and luxury while the Mainland gives a better feel of commerce and trade making both sides suitable for anyone depending on the choice of interest.

 How To Get To Lagos

By Air:

Image result for Lagos international airport.
Emirates Airline

Lagos has one airport (Murtala Muhammed Airport), located at Ikeja, just a few kilometres away from the state Government House. The Airport, which also serves as Cargo Port, has both local and international terminals for domestic and international flights respectively. There is a list of travel airlines one could patronize depending on one’s taste and intended destination. Some of these airlines include Air peace, Arik Air, Emirates, Lufthansa, etc.

A flight within Nigeria on the average ranges between 20-60 thousand Naira depending on the location and season, while the cost of a ticket on international flights is most times variable.

In Lagos Airport, one can get local flights going to other states with functional airports in Nigeria without stress. People travelling by air can always book local flights easily through by contacting our customer care through direct call or WhatsApp on 08066192704

By Road:

Image result for road transport companies in nigeria"
GUO Transport

Travelling by road is the most popular and cheapest means of transport to Lagos. Sometimes travelling to Lagos by road can be stressful due to road conditions and distance depending on where one is coming from.

There is hardly any state in Nigeria that you wouldn’t find a direct bus going to Lagos.

If you are going to Lagos by road, read this comprehensive guide on road transport companies in Nigeria with their various prices and terminal locations.

By Rail:

Even though over the years rail transportation in Nigeria has not really been a popular means of transport, It is still a valid means of transport into Lagos. it is slower than the regular means of transport, but it is quite affordable and safer.

Image result for rail transport in nigeria"
Rail Transport in Nigeria

Getting Around The City

One common challenge with moving around Lagos is traffic. In some cases, one might spend up to 2-3 hours moving from two points within the city which shouldn’t have taken more than 30 minutes without road traffic.

The most popular means of transport is by commercial buses, not excluding the fact that tricycles and motor-bikes that ply non-high-way roads are also available.

Private cabs like Uber and Taxify are available for people who do not want to use the traditional commercial Danfo buses. For those who might not want to be caught in the traffic of Lagos, boat rides are also available but are limited to areas where the facility exists.

Where To Stay in Lagos

Accommodation in Lagos

First, whether one has the intention of staying on the Mainland or Island, Lagos has a good list of good residential areas one could stay. Accommodation is relatively more expensive on the island than on the mainland.

The population growth in Lagos is not relative to the number of housing available. If you are looking for accommodation in Lagos, you need to be very careful and cautious as fraudsters have seen it as a lucrative way to exploit people in search of accommodation. One should ensure that before payment is made, verification of the true owner or custodian of the property is ascertained.

Image result for pictures of popular hotels in lagos"
Four Point By Sheraton

Hotels in Lagos

Looking for the right hotel to stay in Lagos? The list is numerous. There are over 1,000 hotels in Lagos for you depending on your choice, location, and your budget size.

You can browse through our list of cheap hotels in Lagos here.

Here are some of the popular hotels in Lagos you might want to check out

Lagos Island

Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria island, Lagos.

Fourpoint by Sheraton, Victoria Island, Lagos

Eko Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos.

Radisson Blu, Victoria Island, Lagos.

You can book cheaper hotels in Lagos Island here.

Lagos Mainland

Radisson Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos

Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos

Rockview Hotel, Festac, Lagos

The Bayt Hotel, Yaba, Lagos

Hotel Ibis, Ikeja, Lagos

You can also read the comprehensive guide below on top hotels in Lagos.

For more information on a list of best hotels, you can find in Lagos, click here.

Tourist Attractions in Lagos

The Civic Center

Lagos has a lot of tourist attractions that are of interest to both residents and people coming from other states.

1.The National Theatre

National Theatre is a structural masterpiece that has stood the test of time and is home to anything arts. The theatre has a collection of ancient arts while progressively inviting modern works by new artists.

For a more detailed article on the National Theatre, click here.

2. The National Museum

The National Museum is a representation of the diverse cultural heritage of Nigeria. It is the perfect expo of Nigerian history, displaying artworks dating back to the colonial and pre-independence era.

For a more detailed article on the National Museum, click here.

3. The Badagry Heritage Museum

This museum showcases artifacts and works of Nigerian history especially the slave trade era. The museum gallery is divided into 8 sections intended to take one through the slave trade history as you progress through the museum.

For a more detailed article on The Badagry Heritage  Museum, click here.

4. The Lekki Conservative Center

The Lekki Conservative Center is one of the best nature reserves in Africa and the first of its kind in Nigeria. The 21-year-old nature hub covers an area of about 78 hectares. It is managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. The conservation and relaxation center offers a breath of fresh air and an escape from the ever-busy city of Lagos.

For a more detailed article on Lekki Conservative Center, click here.

Where To Shop In Lagos

Balogun Market

Lagos, being the commercial hub of Nigeria, has the presence of several open-air markets and shopping malls. There are over 50 major open-air markets and malls in Lagos State. Some of these include:

  • Balogun Market:  Balogun Market is the hub of anything textile or fabric in Lagos. The market is ever-bustling and spread across many streets on Lagos Island. If one is in Lagos and is looking for a market to purchase textile or fabric materials, Balogun should be the first place you should check out.

You can click here for a more detailed article on Balogun Market.

  • Alaba International Market:  Alaba International Market is one of the biggest markets in Nigeria for Electronics. Similar to the Computer Village Ikeja, the Alaba market is made out of large clusters of importers and dealers in electronics, electrical materials, and other similar accessories. 

You can click here for a more detailed article on Alaba market.

  • The Palms Shopping Mall: “The Palms” as it is fondly called is a shopping and entertainment plaza for Lagosians. The mall was built in 2005 and is the host to a lot of sales brands like Shoprite, Game, etc. it also has eateries and a cinema in it.

For more information on The Palms Shopping Mall, click here.

  • The Ikeja City Mall: It was built in 2011 to give those living on the mainland the same feeling of fun shopping without having to go to the Island. Just like The Palms Shopping Mall, Ikeja City Mall is also host to lots of sales brands, eateries, and a cinema.

For information on Ikeja City Mall, click here.

Click here to read a detailed guide on the major markets in Lagos and their addresses.

Food in Lagos

Irrespective of the type of food or delicacy one might be craving for, Lagos State has a variety of restaurants and eateries that would definitely suit that desire. There is always somewhere to eat and feel satisfied no matter your location within Lagos.

These are some of the few popular restaurants in Lagos.

7 square Restaurant

Circa Restaurant

The Place Restaurant

Mega Chicken FastFood

Jevinik Fast Food

You can check out our guide on fast food restaurants in Lagos, here.

Fun Spots In Lagos

Image result for landmark beach, Lagos
Pool section of Landmark Beach

Writing about Lagos cannot be complete if the entertainment and fun spots are left out. From nightlife to beaches, lounges, recreational centers, amusement parks, hangout spots, Lagos State has it all. It is sometimes confusing to choose which place to go to in Lagos to have fun and relax because of the numerous places available. 

Below is a list of some popular places to have fun in Lagos:

Landmark Beach

CCX lounge

Escape room


Dreamworld Africana

Inside view of Quilox

Here is a comprehensive list of top fun spots in Lagos.

Lagos Post/Zip Code

The postal code for Lagos is 100001 and extends to 100242 depending on the area. The same code applies to the Zip code. Postal codes for Lagos can be determined by adding a three-digit suffix to 100. Used by NIPOST and other delivery services to sort mail.

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