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6 Practices We adopted at Parkview Astoria to provide the best hotel customer service to our guests



Hotel customer service is the care provided by hotels to guests before, during, and after their stay. Because hotels rely heavily on loyal customers and good word-of-mouth marketing, Our Staff customer training is an integral part of our hotel’s customer service strategy. It’s difficult to get it right all the time, but doing so has helped us retain guests who return, again and again to our hotel.

With A knowledge base on our website, that will provide travelers with important information so they can make educated decisions about the kind of rooms they want to stay. We believe we are on top of our game

Why is it so important to provide great customer service in a hotel? Making guests feel welcome with Our hotel customer service is our main priority.

It wasn’t that long ago that travelers would book hotels without knowing much about them. Without that aid of review sites and social media, most people had to make do with travel guides and hotel marketing to choose where to stay. If they had a negative experience, they’d probably never stay there again, and maybe tell a few people, but that would be it. Even hotels that provided good service had the luxury of making a mistake now and then without having to worry about long-term repercussions.

As with everything else, the internet changed all of that. Now everyone can search online for the name of a hotel, browse review sites, and ask their friends for recommendations on social media. Negative reviews about hotels can be broadcast on the internet and shared with millions of people before the hotel is even aware that something went wrong. Now more than ever, hotel customer service must provide all guests with a great experience, or run the risk of some very negative attention. Which we strive to achieve at Parkview Astoria hotel

6 Practices We adopted at Parkview Astoria to provide the best hotel customer service to our guests

lets be frank, Not every hotel can give its guests a luxury experience. They have certain baseline requirements they expect from us, which we strive to meet. We believe When we exceed these expectations, we boost guest satisfaction, improve customer retention, and see more repeat guests.

1. We try to Understand our customers

We use our website and some online tools to keep track of who stays at the hotel, tools like sign in forms, surveys, and email lists can help hotels create experiences that meet their customer’s needs.

2. We make customer service easy

Understanding the most frequently made requests makes it possible to quickly satisfy those requests. We provide easy to find instructions in the hotel room for the best way to make those requests. Similarly, we send email receipts to guests who’ve checked out.

3. We put a heavy focus on customer service training

Hotel staff are the face of the brand. they can’t be expected to just know what that means to us as a brand. They need to be trained on everything from the our values to the proper way to effectively resolve customer service issues. Beyond the initial employee handbook and video courses. Our Training is an ongoing process for everyone in the company, including hotel managers. From time to time, we organize coaching sessions, and events to help our team grow.

4. We Ask the right questions

It’s easier to provide the best hotel customer service when you have the right information. We offer giveaway in terms of discounted room rates.

Also, we welcome face-to-face checkout conversation. We Work on one or two questions that the guest isn’t expecting. “like, “How would you feel if our hotel was unavailable in the future?” and, “What’s the one thing you look for most when booking a stay?”

5. We Make sure anyone can help guests

When a hotel guest has a problem or question, they won’t necessarily know who to talk to. That’s OK. So to provide the best hotel customer service, We make sure anyone on our staff list is able to help them. The worst thing is for a staff member in an unrelated department to shrug them off and say they don’t know how to help. At a minimum, we make sure each department needs to know what all the others do. So, a gym attendant knows how to help a guest find the maintenance department, and maintenance know how to help a guest find the laundry.

6. We Go beyond service expectations

We don’t have to spend a lot of money to surprise a guest with something special and make their day. We design our service in ways that it meets customer expectations and give them a memorable experience. To make a lasting impression, We pay attention to each hotel guest and go beyond customer service expectations. Through this, we have been able to build relationships with our guests and foster customer loyalty.

There’s always space to invest in hotel customer service. With all the available options for travelers, one negative review can influence guests to take their business elsewhere. And you don’t need a budget the size of Texas to do nice things for customers that will leave an impression. Many of the ideas we’ve outlined above can be done on a small budget. The main idea is to find creative ways to give your guests a customer service experience they will remember (a positive one, of course).

Happy guests start with happy employees. If your team members feel like they are just going through the motions and reading from a script, the guests will know. One of the most important things is to make your employees feel empowered in their roles, no matter what they do. Then you can be sure that your hotel guests will have positive experiences whether they bump into the pool attendant or the late night room service staff. Anyone on the team should be able to drop what they are doing to help a guest or connect that guest with the right staff member.

At Parkview Astoria Hotel, We are very articulate and eagle eyed with our services and our clients. We ensure there safety is paramount.

Our service to you starts from the front desk, Our attendants will ensure we have your right details, verifiable details from your international passport, to national identity or any form of government identified form of identification. we also confirm your phone number by calling back to confirm your number is active.

Most of ur clients book online, and we ensure we call them back almost immediately we receive confirmation of payment, to confirm identity and confirm where they are checking in from.

During checkout, we have porters who go check the rooms almost immediately to ensure no crime or nothing that will bring the wrath of the law, we ensure all our customers are law abiding and if we suspect any crime, we try to resolve it in house, before involving the police. We are using this medium to send a message to all our clients that your safety is our number one priority at Parkview Astoria Hotel.

You can check in for your business, leisure , tourism , or family days. out and be sure your safety is guaranteed.

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